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Kup Ambasadora u gou 2014. u Beogradu

Švicarska ambasada, 11. – 12. 10. 2014. U razgovorima na nivou ambasada Švicarske, Japana, Kine i Koreje sa Go savezom Srbije ostvarena je ideja igranja kvalitetnog go-turnira. Dogovoreno je da će se takav turnir igrati jednom godišnje,

Iyama Finds a Do-or-Die Move to Win the First Game of the 68th Honinbo Final

On May 16th and 17th the first round of the 68th Honinbo Final took place in Oda, Japan, the birthplace of the Go Saint Honinbo Dosaku. Challenger Takao Shinji won seven games in the qualifiers to challenge

Superstar Showdown – Gu Li vs. Lee sedol 10-Game Match

On November 24th, the opening of the ‘Mlily Match of the Century’ was held in Beijing. This 10-game match between go superstars Gu Li of China and Lee Sedol of Korea is organised by the Chinese Go Association

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