European Grand Prix bonus C in Zagreb – Day Two

The tournament in Zagreb entered the second day with 44 players competing in the 4th round. Top pairings are very interesting: three best Croatian players are having white on boards 2, 3 and 4 in the room of the Top Group. The leader of the tournament, Stanislaw Frejlak, 7d from Poland, is facing Elian Grigoriu, 4d from Romania on the board 1.

Stanislaw won, just like Matej Zakanj from Croatia and Sinan Djepov from Bulgaria. The game between Sinan and Matej should decide the 2nd place.

Results of the round 4:  ZG2018_r4 (pdf)

Standings after the round 4:  ZG2018_s4 (pdf)

Pairings of the round 5: ZG2018_p5 (pdf)

FINAL STANDINGS: FinalStandings (pdf)

  1. Stanislaw Frejlak, Poland
  2. Matej Zakanj, Croatia
  3. Dominik Boviz, Hungary


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