European Grand Prix bonus C in Zagreb – Day One: Stanislaw Frejlak 3/3

This year, Croatian Open Go Championships became European Grand Prix bonus C tournament. It is going to be a 5 rounds McMahon, Japanese rules, 60 minutes basic time with 3×30 seconds Japanese byoyomi. The tournament is played in the same school like in 2017: Elementary School Alojzija Stepinca, Zagreb, which has just received the title “The Best Go School in 2018”, which was not a surprise since 6 pupils from the school played in the European Youth Go Championship 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We have a very strong Top Group of 8 players ranging from 7dan to 3dan. The games on the first board have the live transmission on the KGS and can be viewed later too (user account: ZGRGP2018). Players on top board use the original equipment from EGC 2017 (Oberhof) and the MeijinSen clock. Apart from excellent Korean “talking clocks”, this tournament is unique because of new DGT byoyomi clocks, which are correctly ticking each byoyomi period (which DGT 2010 unfortunately does not).

Round 3 – Board 1

Round 2 – Board 1

Round 2 – Board 2

The results will be published on this page regularly.

Standings after Round 3:

ZG2018_s3 (pdf)

Pairings of the 4th round (starting on Sunday at 09:30 CET):

to be announced at 09:15

Few photographs from the first round:



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