First Croatian Go Week – Open Go Championships 2017

Croatian Go Alliance organizes the First Croatian Go Week, starting on 8th May 2017, and ending with an International go tournament on 13th-14th May 2017. The event is a part of the project “Go – the game that teaches us how to think” approved and supported by Croatian Ministry of Science and Education. Nihon ki-in is also kindly supporting this project by sending a professional player and go teacher Catalin Taranu (5p), who is going to give lectures and game commentary.

The Alojzija Stepinca Primary School shall host the weekend tournament. The school is built a couple of years ago, famous for its black color (opposed to the white color of kindergarten on the other side) in the vicinity of recreational centre around the Lake Jarun. The atmosphere will be very special, with a lot of side events, including presenting go along a frequently visited path to the lake.

Zagreb changed a lot during last 15 years, hosting many tourists from all continents, with a lot of affordable hostels and apartments. It is very important to book the accomodation on time! It takes less than 30 minutes with a cheap tram line from the tournament location to reach the downtown.

Thanks to Austrian Go Association, a standard way to register and receive the update information is available:

The tournament details are available in English and Croatian language:

OpenChampCro2017 (English pdf, 850 kB)

OpenChampCro2017_hr (Croatian pdf, 850 kB)


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